Annual Breakfast

Annual Breakfast


To add a sense of creativity and excitement to WGI’s annual networking breakfast event, we produced a collection of marketing materials that focused on the topic of discussion—the impact of autonomous vehicles on urban design, parking, and infrastructure—with an entertaining twist. The concept for the panel-led discussion was based on future technological advancement, so we used animated characters from the well-known TV series “The Jetsons” to guide the main theme of the event.

Flying in a WGI “autonomous” vehicle, the panelists were depicted as cartoon characters that perfectly resembled their Jetson counterparts. The visual was repeated on the email invitation, two-sided table tents, and in the introductory video shown prior to the panel presentation. We designed the entire auditorium to showcase the futuristic theme, from the handcrafted centerpieces to the customized, space-themed notebooks.

Attendees were invited to enter a business card drawing to win an Echo Show and a remote-controlled car. The prizes uniquely incorporated the autonomous concept.

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