Beautiful Chaos

beautiful chaos


WGI Creative worked with the client to develop a logo that was representative of the brand’s beliefs and processes. The concept for the icon began with the idea of a storm, as it is both beautiful and chaotic. It also captures the styling of this jewelry, since pieces are more randomly or spontaneously combined, then perfectly matched, so no two are ever the same.

The line of the “b” spirals around into the “c” and is partially enclosed by a circle to resemble a top view of a storm. The handwritten logotype chosen has the rough elegance of beauty and chaos and reflects the personal touch of these handcrafted pieces.

The goal of the Beautiful Chaos website design was to surround the products with the inspiration that brought them into being with quotes or simply design elements. The basis of the look was to combine clean lines with rough edges and textures to reflect the aesthetic of the pieces. We manipulated the model images to replace the background with something a bit grungy and rich with texture to better highlight the jewelry and reiterate the concept.


think. create. repeat.

it's what drives us 25/7

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